1. Thank you for this topic, Vincent. I have some experience with Chinese manufacturing, that is why I would like to explain my point of view.

    -“information concerning each product corresponds to the reality”

    And the reality is that no matter what you see on the label – it was Made in China. The international division of labor allowed the world to consume very cheap products, but it made its origin a Secret of Polichinelle.

    No matter what product you take, China is involved, and the only secret is a percentage of its involvement. Sometimes even European design means – European supervision of outsourcing companies which are situated in China.

    • Hi Denis,

      Thank you for your informative comment and for sharing your experience.

      We are all in different places of the world but we seem to be closer and closer nowadays. Thanks to new technologies. That’s perhaps the mean reason that makes it possible for different people or companies to work on the same product that anyone can buy from anywhere.

      I think it is just a matter of competitive advantage.

      Thank you again, for your comment and have a nice day !

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