1. Hey Vincent
    These tips are really awesome about how to make customer loyal , second tip was really amazing hope so it will helpful in my upwork profile Thank you for sharing nice knowledge with us

    • Thanks a lot Nichye for your comment.

      Sometimes, the second tip provides really unexpected good results in terms of not only customer loyalty but also customer acquisition. Let me share a small story that happened to me. It was simply amazing.

      I still remember the smile of that person that was unknown to me. He suddenly smiled when I pronounced the word Hello in his language. And he was really surprised when I switched our conversation in his own language by telling him that I understand and speak very well Russian language using words he uses since he was a child.
      As we continue talking in Russian, he became more and more interested in me. We talked about stuff we probably wouldn’t mention if the conversion was in another language different from his.

      Through this small story, I realize that such situations really represent the perfect moments to introduce a product or a service to an unknown person. The reason is simple. If somebody is interested in you, there are chances that he could be interested in what you do and what you are offering as a product or service.

      Then, when you describe very well your offer in his language through your selling skills, it will be easy for that same person to understand and give a try for your product or service.

      Later on, I bet that you won’t be surprised when he buys from you and keeps on coming again and again.

      Have a nice day Nichye and I wish you good luck!

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