make any customer loyal

Make any customer loyal with these 2 effective tips

You are willing to do business but you still can’t make it. I bet that it has something to do with questions like these: “Where do I find customers? How to make any customer loyal? Which product or service should I sell?  The ...
how do I challenge my competitors

How do I challenge my competitors? Here is one simple advice!

As an owner of a small business in which there is one or many people, you are familiar with these words: market, product, service, customers, competitors, sellers and so on. Among these words, there is one you may be afraid of. You can ...
your client

3 unavoidable reasons to treat your client like a KING

If you have a blog you need an audience to read your content and if you have a product, you need a client to buy it. So why wouldn't you take care of your audience or your client? You probably already know that ...

Where do all products we buy actually come from?

When buying our products, many of us think of the place where they come from. This criterion influences our decision-making in terms of purchase. We don’t have to forget that, all the products we buy can come from anywhere in the world. We ...

Negotiation! Do we keep negotiating at every moment?

Everyone of us negotiates one way or another. Sometimes, we keep negotiating without even realizing it. That happens in many of our daily situations and we can notice it. For example, we find ourselves in front of an advertisement of a product of ...
the quality

How to improve the quality of my daily work?

We have around us a lot of stuff with no added value to what we do. But it is not that easy to stay away from them. Those stuff are distractions. We can notice it on the quality of our work and other ...
a manager

I am a manager! What does my team expect of me?

 In a company, whether it is in the field of logistics or another area, there are operating rules and tasks to do for each position. Respecting these rules and tasks is as much necessary that it has an influence on the performance of ...

If we like moving! Do we know this job?

When we talk about jobs, all of us make choices. We chose the one that we are willing to do according to our values and that we wish to do. But looking for the job that we like to do is not easy ...
a product

You buy a product online. How does it reach its destination?

E-commerce is gaining ground. We are many of those who use e-commerce platforms for shopping. To give some examples, we can buy a product on Amazon, Cdiscount, La Redoute, Rueducommerce etc. We should know that some big internet sites sell products under their ...