1. Hello Vincent,

    Good shout over here 🙂

    Our customers are like the god, and if they turn to us regularly what could be a better thing which need to be worried about. But turning the customers into our loyal ones is the key, this is where the road gets more tougher.
    Its always good to generate something with keeping in mind that what our clients like, and for this they have to come to us.If we are able to deliver what actually they are looking for, then they are going to stay with us all life long.

    Indeed mouth publicity is very important, when a client get our products and if he is satisfied he would talk about that
    in his circle, which means more will urge to us to know more about our product and they are gonna give it a try.

    Yeah the feedback is every important, as if there are some fault, then taking a review from a client would be a great thing, if wants something more or less, does we need to add up something.

    No, doubt treating our clients as a KING is very important and making them feel that they are very special to us is the tactics one need to perform to create a win win situation for us

    Thanks for the share.


    • Hi Shantanu,

      “But turning the customers into our loyal ones is the key, this is where the road gets more tougher”

      You said it so right Shantanu. Loyalty is really the key and it is very difficult to gain it from our audience, clients or customers. That’s why we need to take into account their needs, expectations and feedbacks in order to come up the right product or service they would like.

      You will surely agree with me when I say that it takes time and effort to build a strong win win relationship with them. And then, the road gets less tougher when we succeed in making it.

      Being loyal is something that we should consider doing, no matter we are a client or not. By doing so, we end up having things we even didn’t think about. The long term relationship will just stop being like a normal relationship. And it will make us go to the same right directions and everyone who gets involved, will benefit from it.

      Thank you very much Shantanu for your contribution on this topic. Have a great day !

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